Thursday, January 17, 2008

Projects, Projects, Projects

Here are a couple of projects I am working on:

1. New set of discloths for my kitchen:

I completed the first 8 on a road trip to visit family, and now am dragging my feet to use up the rest of the yarn to make more. I like discloth making so much because every one is different and it is quick gratification knitting.

2. Sad husband's grey sweater:

The really sad part off this whole situation is that I considered buying sweetie a grey sweater at the store today (it might make up for the fact that I have made little progress on this gift).

3. Awesome shawl for me:

My shawl made with Lionbrand homespun is moving right along... though sometimes I feel guilty working on it. Note about the yarn: it is pretty, but not my favorite... all acrylic and HAIRY... not sure if I will ever choose it for another project :( I am however interested in seeing how it holds up over the years....

4 & 5. Two mystery projects.... these projects will not be reveiled until complete and in the hands of loved ones:

As always, I love the thrill of making something for someone else (sorry again sweetie)... it is lovely to put hundreds off prayers for the people you love into handmade gifts for them....
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