Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life Unplugged: A Family Experiment

So, the conversation went like this:

Me: So, do you know what's on TV tonight?
Him: American Idol
Me: We have to watch it.
Him: I'd rather practice cello.

This ity bity conversation made me realize something... I should not feel like I HAVE to watch anything. Anyways, I can barely remember who won last year and I spent many hours watching it. There are many things I would rather do as well. So, I decided something... a little experiment.

I will not watch it... or any other TV for that matter.

Now, there are some stipulations... a few exceptions. Mainly to make this achievable and enjoyable. This is not a punishment to myself. This is a freedom. A choice to do something other than commit to TV shows... primarily in the evening hours.

We can watch Hell's Kitchen (though who knows when the new season starts).
We can watch the news if needed (primarily for bad weather updates).
We can watch the Cowboys (sweetie wouldn't have it any other way).
We can watch our Netflix and other movies from our home collection when desired.

Things I hope to get out of this experiment:
- find new ways to relax in the evenings after work
- spend more time talking to sweetie and playing with my daughter
- have more time for the things I really want to be doing (crafting, cooking, reading)
- in general get more out of the evening... sometimes it feels like my time at home is over before it even starts, and then it is time to go to work again...

So, this is the experiment. Time to take a vacation from -Must See TV-.
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