Thursday, September 6, 2007

Variations on a Basic Knitted Wash Cloth

The two wash cloths above were made by getting a little creative with the pattern below. I like to try out new stiches with them. The main pattern has just a solid "stockinette" center.
Knitting Needles size 8US .5mm
I usually use the suger n' cream cotton (cheap and everywhere).
I cast on 35, do 7 rows of seed stich (knit purl knit purl etc)
Row 8 and all even: seed st for 5 -knit across to last five - seed st to end
Row 9 and all odd: seed st for 5 -purl across to last five - seed st to end
I finish with 7 more rows of seed st.
Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Delicious Pear Pie

Being labor day, I decided a pie was in order. Since all the pears were mysteriously eaten off of my pear tree, I bought a few to make this recipe. It is a pear pie with cheddar cheese topping. Sounds weird, but I think it will be great. The neighbors will be here in a few to help us eat it!

Mexican yarn becomes.....

Using yarn bought at a flea market in the Rio Grande Valley, I began making these little doilies a year ago.... they never fit together properly, so I am thinking of a good way to connect them for a table cloth or something.

For those of you interested in making my little star doilies, it is just like a granny square.... except you begin with five groups of three double crochets instead of four.... not that inventive.
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