Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knit: Wool Soakers

2011 April Stripe Shorts 6

There is a lot of knitting going on around here lately.  Maybe it is a side effect of nesting? Well, I am just finishing up my third soaker and loving every minute of it!

The first soaker I made was the WHW Diaper Wrap, a free pattern on Ravelry.

2011 Teal Wrap 2

Then I made some stripey shorties for dear Helen to run about in this summer.  The pattern for Itchy Fingers Longies, also free on Ravelry, really was a totally new experience for me! I have never measured and custom fit a knit item before, and between measuring my wiggly little girl and trying to complete the mind numbing mathematics calculations, I was really wondering whether or not they would actually turn out! But, they did!

2011 April Stripe Shorts 4

Finally, I purchased the well reviewed Vanilla pattern off of Ravelry and sat down to knit this new little girl a precious purply soaker with lovely yarn hand-dyed by a friend in my online knitting mommies group.

2011 April Purply Vanilla 1

I had one of the most common problems with the pattern - It turned out HUGE! What should have been a size small ending up so large that it fit Helen with room to spare! Heading into another attempt at a small soaker from this pattern, I plan to decrease my needle size and think SMALL! And, yes... those are the ends hanging out - I do hate to sew in ends!

2011 April Purply Vanilla 2

There are more photos on my Ravelry pages: Purply Vanilla & Purple Stripe Shorties.

If you are interested in finding out more about wool Diaper covers, check out my research post.


  1. I think you just like to have a little girl to make clothes for :P

  2. How on earth do you manage to churn out project after project?!


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