Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Knitting Project Roll Call

1. A Square
Group Square 1

2. Another Square
Group Square 3

3. A Baby Sweater
Cascade Baby Sweater 2.3 Don & Ola Baby Sweater 2

4. Mordor Shawl
Rusty Mordor 2.7 Rusty Mordor 3.5

5. Ceci's NICU hat
Pendragon Baby Sets 1.5

6. David's Birthday Socks
David's Traveling Socks 4.2

7. Ceci's Socks
Pendragon Baby Sets 1.3

8. Ceci's Hat
Pendragon Baby Sets 1.2

9. Sunshine Socks
Sunshine Socks 3.0

10, 11, 12. Family of Dawg Hats
Dawg Family 1.3

13. And Another Square
Group Square 2

14. Mom's Socks
March Pop Socks 2.3

15. Toddler Boy Sweater
Stash Sweater 2.2

16. Helen's Shrug
Snow White Shrug 3.6

17. Helen's Socks
Rainbow Socks 2.3

18. Dawn's Hat

19. Linen Stitch Bookmark

20. Lacy Bonnet
baptism bonnet

21. Hanna's Sweater
hanna's thank you

22. My Sweater
Grey Caramel 2

23. Baby Pants
Little Boy Grey

24. Group Blanket, Seaming and Border
Jena's Due in July Blanket

25.  Nephew Socks #1
Building Block Socks 2.5

26. Ceci's Paulette
Teeny Tunic

27. Kelly's Cowl
Neapolitan Cowl

28. Clare's Paulette
Clare's Paulette

29. Jr's BSJ
Rustic BSJ 2013 Rustic BSJ 2013

30. Square, it's done... no finished pic!

31 and 32. Helen's Pom Pom and Clare's Blue Hat (no pic!)
Pink Pom Pom

33 and 34. Nephew Socks #2 and #3
Nephew Socks 3 Untitled

35. Ceci's Sweater
Little Black Baby Sweater

36. Nephew Socks #4
Nephew Socks #4

37. Baby Boy Hat
Recess Baby Hat

38 and 39. Sara's Stockings
Sara's Stockings

40. Handspun Sitka Hat
Handspun Sitka

41 and 42. MIL Cowboys Slippers and FIL Barley Hat (no pic!)
Cowboy Slippers

43. Clare's Stocking
Clare's Stocking

44. Last Square!

45. And HOW DID I FORGET: Handspun Multnomah Shawl
ITW Multnomah 2.0

Monday, September 30, 2013

September Garden & Chicken Update

September was all about our garden (though I knit quite a bit too!).

This month we did some major plantings, tended some seedlings, and started construction of our much anticipated chicken coop. Garden work is not cheap, but it is very rewarding!

I am attempting to cultivate my "green thumb" which for the most part has been pretty black in the past. I think I have had issues with a few of the realities of gardening...

1. you have to garden outside, it is dirty, there are bugs, and you can't knit while gardening.
2. you have to actually water your plants... this is a big one for me.

September 2013 Garden

So, rather than tilling up a patch of soil, I am keeping it small and close to the backdoor where my little seedlings are easily watched and watered. This is a collection of purple pole beans, kale, and cabbage.

September 2013 Garden

We also planted Swiss chard in the flower bed! It is doing well :)

September 2013 Garden

On a larger scale, we are adding to our "orchard" with three blackberry bushes and two fig trees.

September 2013 Garden

This fig tree over looks the chicken coop, and the second fig tree is planted in the chicken yard. I hear chickens go crazy for figs :)

Here is a look at the progress on our coop. With the help of our next door neighboor we were able to get all this done in just a couple of hours!

September 2013 Garden

September 2013 Garden

September 2013 Garden

September 2013 Garden

September 2013 Garden

The coop is a "hoop-coop" style inspired by a lot of internet searches! Primarily this Egg Shaped Hoop Coop and this very serious Permanent Hoop Coop. We chose this style because in the Texas Heat we knew our chickens would need a lot of ventilation, it is also a fairly reasonably priced coop for the number of chickens it can house comfortably. We plan to start our flock with twelve birds.

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