Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Buttoned Up.

This sweet little sweater is complete. More and more, the "finishing" of things is very pleasant. I love to find just the right buttons, carefully tuck in my loose ends, and gently block a finished object.... all the while thinking of the little one that will soon be wearing it.

I continue to love this yarn. If you haven't tried it yet... or shy away because it contains acrylic, I really think you should give it a try. Berroco Vintage.  I found these buttons at Joann's - they are machine washable too! Pattern: Cascade Baby Sweater, size 6 months.

Friday, January 18, 2013

January WIPs

Here they are in all their glory... these are the projects on my needles.

David's Traveling Socks 2.0

David's traveling socks. The Time Traveler Sock pattern. Knit in Lion Brand sock yarn in the rock candy colorway. I am knitting on Size 2 Addi Lace needles, though since I do tend to be a loose knitter, I will probably knit my next pair of socks on a smaller size needle. Hopefully these socks will stand up to wear ok.

Cascade Baby Sweater 1.0

The Cascade Baby Sweater. Knit in leftover Berroco Vintage, lilac colorway. I really love this yarn. I love it. The pricing is so friendly, the wash-ability it awesome. And it feels soft and lovely. I have already laundered my girls sweaters in this yarn several times and they still look beautiful. This morning I finished the first sleeve... this sweater will be complete soon!

Amused 1.0

My sister's Amused sweater. This one is semi hibernating as the combination of cable chart and shaping instructions is challenging my brain a bit :)

Copper Rocio 2.0

My Rocio Sweater. I try to work on this one at least a little bit every day. It is slow going, but I know the outcome will be worth it. I keep trying to get through this first bit of semi-complicated lace, because after the chart reading it should move faster.

Rusty Mordor Shawl 1.0

And finally, the Mordor Shawl. This pattern is lovely, and so calming to knit. It is totally worth the $4, and I can see many other shawls being born out of this pattern with my own improvisations added in. I love that the completed shawl is quite wide and hope to use it as a nursing cover in the future.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh the fickle knitter

Lorna's Laces Sportmate

Since Christmas, I have cast on three new projects (none yet complete), and I am about to unabashedly cast on a fourth.

WIPS (still in progress from last year):

Hiking Noro 1.0
A Hitchhiker Shawl, this one kept me good company during a post Christmas road trip to Houston. I am about a foot and a half into it now.

David's Traveling Socks 1.0
David's Time Traveler Socks, almost done with the first one now.

Clare's Stocking 1.0
Clare's Stocking, perhaps for next Christmas??

Newest Cast-On's:

Rocio 1.0My Copper Penny Rocio, only a few inches into this one.

Berroco Vintage Lilac
A Cascade Baby Sweater, for a little one due this spring, made out of leftovers from my girls's purple sweaters.

Berroco Vintage Sloe Berry
My Sister's Amused sweater in Berroco Vintage Sloe Berry.

And, with the yarn at the top of this post (and again below), my delicious Lorna's Laces Sportmate in the November '12 Rusty Bucket colorway (and the last skein of yarn purchased in 2012), I will be cast on a Mordor shawl... One shawl to rule them all ...

Oh, happy knitting.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Knitting Year in Review

The breakdown of my 29 Completed  Projects in 2012:
12 Sweaters
4 Hats
3 Toys
3 Mittens
2 Shawls
2 Longies/Shorties
1 Blanket
1 Cowl
1 Doily

The Complete List and Links to my Ravelry Project Pages:
1. Tiny Pink Bonnet
Baby Bonnet
2. Vest for David
3. Tiny Pink Sweater
Tiny Pink Sweater 1
4. baby boy surprise
Blue BSJ 5
5. baby girl surprise
BSJ Girl 13
6. Easter doily
7. striped baby hat
Blue and Orange Baby Hat 1
8. Amee's buttony sweater
Buttony Knit Model 3
9. Peace Fleece Shorties
Mama's Favorite Longies 2
10. Josh's striped blanket
W Striped Baby Blanket 6
11. Deanna's baby sweater
Deanna's Baby Kimono 3
12. Blomst Mittens
Blomst Mittens 1.4
13. Summer Pembroke
Pembroke Wrap 2.8
14. Give-Away Longies
Giveaway Longies 3.1
15. Cello fetching mitts
Fetching 1.0
16. Josh's Kinsale Sweater
Kinsale 3.2
17. Bernadette's Libby Sweater
Purple Libby 1.0
18. Helen's Tuckernuck Cardigan
19. David Sebastian's Kinsale Sweater
Malbrigo Kinsale 4.3
20. Clare's Tuckernuck Sweater
Clare's Classy Cables 2.4
21. Pumpkin Patch the Monster
Pumpkin Patch the Knitted Monster
22. Deanna's Baby Hat
Deanna's Baby Hat 1.0
23. Garden Party Citron Shawl
Citron 3.3
24. Karen's Fetching Mitts
Fetching Karen 2.0
25. Dad's Christmas Hat
Dad's Cabled Hat 1.1
26. Rachel's Baby Sweater
Tiny Pink Willow 2.2
27. Dandy Cowl
Dandy Cowl 1.2
28 & 29. Maisy #1 & #2
Long Nosed Mouse 15

2012 was a great year for knitting! I am looking forward to lots of new projects in 2013 - and hopefully a sweater or two for me :)
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