Saturday, December 31, 2011

At Year End... A look back at 2011

2011 was a HUGE knitting year for me!

Here is my list of completed projects and Ravelry links in order of completion:

1. Helen's Gray Mittens
2. Teal Baby Socks
2011 March Jelly Bean
3. Helen's Summer Sweater
2011 March Helen's Crochet Sweater
4. Group Project Cowl
5. Easter Lamb
2011 April Lamb 2
6. Purple Stripe Shorties
2011 April Stripe Shorts 3
7. Purply Vanilla Soaker
2011 April Purply Vanilla 1
8. Test Knit Little Johns
2011 June Johns 6
9. Nephew Nate's Hooded Vest
Nate's Hooded Vest
10. Clare's Newborn Hat
11 & 12. 2 Vanilla Super Soakers
2011 July Vanilla 1
13. A Shawl for My Mother
2011 July Mom's Shawl 1
14. A Small Vanilla Soaker
2011 Oct Small Vanilla 2
15. Test Knit Union Suit
2011 Aug Union Suit 10
16. Helen's Fall Sweater
2011 Aug BTS Sweater 8
17. Priceless Friendship Scarf
2011 Sept Friend Scarf 4
18. Bronwen's Baby Sweater
2011 Oct Bronwen 18
19. David's CARTER Hat
2011 Oct Needles 4
20. Clare's Iowa Hat
21. Helen's Iowa Hat
22. My Leafy Sweater
23. Helen's Blue Sweater (sewed up by Nana)
24, 25, 26. Hats for my Nephews
27 & 28. 2 Marine Helmet Liners
29. Helen's Christmas Dress
30. Clare's Christmas Dress
31. A Hat for my Niece (finished last night!)

oops! I forgot 32. Clare's Car Blanket
2011 April Car Blanket 1

I have BIG PLANS for 2012, so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because Someone Asked: 2012 Knitting Goals

2011 March Bonnet
Here are some goals I know I can keep:
  1. buy more yarn
  2. start more projects
  3. miss more deadlines
  4. spend more time on Ravelry
  5. love knitting even more, lol.
(my real goals in addition to these "attainable" goals still to come)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here it is: My Sweater

Completed in time for our trip to Iowa, this warm sweater only slightly makes me feel like a big brown bear who forgot to hibernate.  I am so proud to have actually completed a real sweater for myself, and other than the bear bit am very happy with the outcome.



The pattern is Leaflet from Knitty, and I have knitting details on my Ravelry project page. I also wrote about this project today over at my favorite local yarn store Yarn Extraordinaire.
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