Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stash Dash, Tour de Fleece, and other stuff.

I like the knitting community. I like talking about knitting, reading about knitting, listening about knitting, participating in group knitting. I like it. a lot.

I don't usually talk about "what's going on" that I am a part of, but right now is an exciting time in the world of knitting so here is what I am up to....

1. Stash Dash

This is with the Knit Girllls. They are pretty awesome and one of the first major "knitting podcasts" that really went wild. Every summer they host "Stash Dash". It is a challenge to finish projects and use up stash yarn and fiber. The goal this year is to knit/spin/crochet four kilometers of yarn! That is 4,375 yards! I have already spun/knit 1,354! I like this challenge because you can work on any project you want, and if you finish an old work in progress you get to count all the yardage! And, there are prizes - I like prizes!

2. June Sweater KAL/ Must Stash Sweater KAL

There are always different KALs (Knit-Alongs) going on out there and usually they line up nicely with things I am already doing. The Knit Girllls are also hosting an "adult sized" sweater KAL for the month of June - hence why I am knitting away on my caramel sweater. The Must Stash podcast is also having a sweater KAL... so I get to double dip!

Gray Caramel 2.0
Still the old photo! 1.5 sleeves left to knit!

3. Tour de Fleece

This one is REALLY exciting. Now that I am spinning I am really looking forward to the Tour de France and the opportunity to "Spin Along" at home! You make personal goals, join teams, and enter your finished spun yarns in prize drawings... and you know I love prizes :) You can read all about it in the Tour de Fleece Ravelry group.

I am super excited to be joining my friend Dawn on her Daybreak Dyeworks team and spin up the fabulous team braid!

"Neon & Neutral" by Dawn of Daybreak Dyeworks

4. Curious Collective Shawl

I have also been enjoying this fun little project... Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade is holding weekly voting on her blog for a Curious Collective Shawl Project. We all get a vote on each aspect of the shawl and I can't wait to see (and knit!) the final design. Now I just need to get my hands on some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine...

5. My Other Groups...

I am a part of several wonderful Ravelry groups! I love getting to know other knitters (and spinners) and having the chance to do projects along with them. One group is busy knitting baby blankets for new arrivals... and I volunteered to seam one this summer. It is so pretty - I can't wait to show you the final result!

Also, my buddies in the Knit While They Nap group will be having a Christmas in July knitting celebration... we are all pulling out our new (and unfinished from last year!) knitting projects to work on in July and cheer each other on. I am looking forward to knitting some ornaments for our Christmas tree and maybe finish poor Clare's Christmas stocking!

Clare's Stocking 1.0

If you are a mom with little ones (and you knit/crochet/spin - a little!) you need to join this group. These are wonderful and supportive ladies and when you have kids you need a creative outlet and a support group! We would love to welcome you (and did I say there were prizes? lol).

Happy knitting and spinning!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things to do when you don't have internet

Our internet has been down for almost a week... thank you At&t! In the mean time I have been keeping busy, swimming with the kids almost every day (love that indoor pool at the Y!), knitting, sewing, and spinning.

Here is a peek at what I have been working on:


Washcloths for Kids

Blue Flower Bag

Red Flower Bag

Grey Caramel 2.2
Knitting... I didn't take a photo, but the body of this sweater is now complete.

I have also, sewn a button back on my husband's favorite shorts, seamed 3/4ths of a baby blanket for a friend in one of my ravelry groups, and baked double chocolate mocha cookies.

I should give up the internet more often :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One week, half a sweater.

I decided a week ago that I would try to do something crazy. I decided to knit a sweater - for myself - in one month or less. I have only ever completed one sweater for myself; though, I have knit a shocking twenty-five sweaters for other people (mostly babies!), and have purchased yarn for four sweaters for myself that have not yet been completed.

Gray Caramel 2.0

There are two Knit-A-Longs (KAL's) currently taking place for sweaters in the knitting podcast world: one with The Knit Girllls and one with the Must Stash Podcast. Both end July 1st. Time to knit people. I want to win prizes - and the bonus if I don't win? I will still have an awesome sweater.

Grey Caramel 2.2

So, now a week later I have half a sweater. Did I choose one of the sweaters I was already planning on making? Not really. I decided to use up some leftover yarn from other projects and knit a sweater that was comfortable and not overly mind-numbing. I wanted raglan. I wanted stockinette. I wanted easy.

I chose the Caramel Sweater by Isabell Kraemer. As my dear friend and fellow knitter Dawn pointed out - It is like a knitted hug. I am using Lion Brand Wool-ease in Oxford Gray and Violet on size 5 US needles. Wish me luck as I knit away!

Monday, June 3, 2013

FO Parade

If you don't keep up with me on Ravelry you may have missed some of my most recent finished objects during the month of blog silence...

Here they are, the links are to my Ravelry project pages if you want more information about the patterns!

Stash Sweater 2.2
The most adorable toddler sweater ever! Knit out of stash acrylic for a fun "use what you have" swap on Ravelry.

Snow White Shrug 3.6
Helen's Snow White Shrug, knit out of my Hogg Wild Fiber's handspun.

A Harry Potter themed Rosebud hat for a friend.

baptism bonnet
A Baptismal Bonnet for a dear little girl.

Rainbow Socks 2.1
Some fun and fruity socks for my Helen.
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