Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitting with Friends

2011 Cowl 2
Our first group project: A broken-rib cowl

I have come to the conclusion that it is just as important to have people to craft with as it is to have people to craft for.  This probably isn't a new concept to those of you out there who spend time creating.  Most of my life I have tried to plant little crafting seeds in those around me, offering lessons, learning how to do their craft, and just sharing the love of making things for a pretty selfish reason: I love to craft as a group! Whether two people or twenty it is always rewarding.

Knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, cooking, or anything else takes on a whole new attitude when shared with others. You encourage each other to learn new things, to finish projects, to solve problems. You share your craft, your stories, and your lives.

Many years ago, my mother taught me to crochet and sew.  This was the start of my love of working with others. In elementary school, I taught my entire fifth grade class to crochet.  In high school, I taught french braiding to friends in the marching band. In college, my roommates and I started a knitting and crochet club.

As an adult, I found a small group of ladies who met at the local yarn store and would join them every Wednesday during my lunch break to sit, knit, and listen to their stories. I love hearing about their families, about raising their children, job experiences, and love of knitting and crochet.

I found a home on Ravelry in the "Knit While They Nap" group with other moms of small children. I enjoy swapping craft pursuit stories with my sister-in-law, making greeting cards with my dear friend Laura, and continuing to craft with my mother.

Recently, I was shocked to discover that four of my friends wanted to learn to knit.  I couldn't get them started quick enough!  Scheduling lessons around jobs, babies, and husbands is a challenge, but the opportunity to knit with others is worth it. Our new group is underway and I couldn't be more pleased.

We should all take the time to do something nice for ourselves - and find a friend to knit with.


  1. I whole heartedly when can you and David move to the valley? ;-)My problem is that I don't have enough experience to start a club. Anyone I invite would probably stare at me for lessons, I'd shrug my shoulders and that be the end of the club. But thinking positive there must be a solution. I tried a knitting/crochet club that met at Hastings but there was just way too much gossip flying around and it was too hard on the little ones and Daniel. But I do see the importance and would like to start something.

  2. Very pretty first project! I am also looking forward to our next combined project.


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