Friday, March 25, 2011

Research: Wool Diaper Covers

2011 March 2

My latest cloth diapering pursuit is the wool soaker.  With a new baby on the way, I am thrilled to be knitting away sweet little pants to keep babies bottom dry. I haven't tested them out myself yet, but the feedback on wool is amazing - so many mothers swear by keeping their cloth diapered babies in wool!  I am currently working on soakers for both my sweet baby Helen and her new little sister.

Why Wool?

Planet Green: Organic Wool Diaper Covers: Do They Really Work?
The Cloth Diaper Experience: The Wonders of Wool Soakers
HubPages: Wool Diaper Covers: Eco-Friendly Baby
Nifty Nappy: Wool
Kayla's Cloth Kits: All About Wool

Free Patterns for Wool Diaper Covers and Wraps:

Itchy Fingers Longies Ravelry Download
Spare Ribs Shoaker Ravelry Download
WHW Plain Wrap Ravelry Download
Curly Purly Soaker PDF
Easiest Crochet Wool Soaker Crochet Castle
DIY Wool Diaper Soaker Out of a Sweater ScrimplyThrifty

Instructions for Lanolizing and Washing Wool Soakers:

Green Mountain Diapers: How to Wash or Lanolize Wool Diaper Covers
Closeknit: Wool Soaker Care Guide

Lots of Extra Help and Guidence:

Ravelry Group: Soakers & Longies

Of course, I plan to share my wool projects and test runs - stay tuned!


  1. Is there such thing as crochet soakers?

  2. Yes! there are a bunch of patterns for crochet soakers on Ravelry, and a lot of people favor them because they are nice and thick!


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