Friday, May 6, 2011

Crochet: Aunt Tillie's Flower Garden

2011 May Garden 6

Last winter I inherited 70lbs of yarn and fabric from my great-aunt Tillie. 

2011 May Garden 2

She was a sewer, crafter, knitter, and collector at heart. She loved bright colors, and all of her yarns are the bright polyester and acrylic of the late seventies and eighties. I wanted to make something special out of these yarns to remember her, her love of color, and her love of crafting in general.

2011 May Garden 5

Many of the things she made were practical - clothing, pajamas, sweaters. I wanted to make something that we could use and love daily.

2011 May Garden 4

While browsing through the the thousands of patterns and projects on Ravelry, my sister-in-law and I stumbled upon a crocheted bedspread project entitled "Summer Flowers". Elisa, Evoke on Ravelry, designed the blanket using the Summer Garden Granny Square, a free crochet pattern available on the Attic24 blog. I love Elisa's combitation of the popping bright colors and the neutal base. This afgan looks as though it belongs in Helen's English Garden themed nursery... and she will soon be moved from crib to twin bed in anticipation of the arrival of her baby sister, so what better project for Aunt Tillie's yarn than a coverlet for her great-great niece's bed!

2011 May Garden 3

So, now I crochet. Hundreds of little flowers that form into squares. Bright golds and greens, blues, purples, and pinks. And tan. Lots of tan.

2011 May Garden

All these little squares and color changes remind me of how I despise sewing in ends. We may need to host a little sewing up party to finish the job :)


  1. I love that you are doing this! I think a party to sew in the ends is a fabulous idea. Your friends would be so blessed to be included in helping you with this project!

  2. I really think I am going to do it! As soon as I have the majority of the squares worked up, I'll provide the snacks and yarn needles!

  3. That is going to be such a lovely blanket when it is done. After I'm done crocheting Dominic's blanket I'm going to start on Bernadette's and since she has a love for all things flower fairies and flowers I'm going to work the same pattern. Pray that we live closer to you so I can help you weave in the ends. ;-)

  4. I hate weaving in the ends, too. I do it as I go so that I only have a little bit left at the end. Beautiful project!


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