Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Biscotti

Photo by: SheriW

This ninth month of pregnancy has me not wanting to cook or bake at all.  This is very unlike me... so as a pick me up, I made something special - Almond Biscotti.

The recipe I follow for Biscotti is from one of my favorite go-to cookbooks How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. I also adore his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.


I appreciate that Mr. Bittman really does focus on the fundamentals.  These books are almost more like instructions than recipes. Each type of food is introduced with helpful information and then followed by ways of preparing, recipes, and variations of those recipes. Sample recipes are available on the website.

The biscotti recipe starts with a simple plain cookie and is followed by at least a dozen variations.  We are into almond right now - hence the almond biscotti.

Here is a link to a similar recipe at The Joy of Baking: Almond Biscotti.  Though, it calls for pre-toasting the almonds which I did not do.

Now I am ready to sit down (after the little one is in bed of course) with a nice mug of tea and a plate of freshly made biscotti to pick up my knitting needles and stitch until bedtime.

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