Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year and New Goals!

This year I am taking on my most ambitious knitting goal yet. I am going to knit 12 sweaters this year! I already have the preliminary plans in the works and have purchased some of the required yarn. After reviewing the number of projects I completed last year, I really think I can do this. But, in the mean time, I have knitted a bonnet! Isn't it cute?!

Baby Bonnet

So, watch out... many sweaters (vests count too!) on the way.


  1. Grammy says she likes your bonnet, it is too cute!

  2. I want another girl just so I can make that bonnet! I loved the book it came from just because of that bonnet. I love the color choice. Was it an easy pattern? 12 sweaters?! You go girl!


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