Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking it easy and spinning away.

I think Diane of Knitabulls has it right, we should be doing what we love and what makes us happy when it comes to crafting. Why pressure yourself into a tizzy when you can work on things you love.

Orange Homespun 1.0

This year I am knitting what I want to knit too. I am casting on what I want and finishing what I want. I don't need to complete 500 projects. I don't need to. I just need to knit... and now I need to spin! Because spinning makes me happy!

Orange Homespun 1.0

My first spinning ever was this Knit Picks Wool of the Andes fiber. It spun up thick and squishy. It is basically one of the cheapest fibers you can buy (at least I think it is!). I liked it fine... and then I tried this:

Neighbor Swap 2013
(This is a swap package from an awesome lady in Denver! Yay for swaps!)

Citrus Grove 1.1

This is 100% Heinz 57 wool, and it is super strong and clingy. I have been able to spin it up much thinner than the Knit Picks and I am loving it! Spinning this makes me want to try even more types of fibers and ahem... look into spinning wheels.

Citrus Grove 1.0

Yesterday, it was lovely outside. The girls and I wandered around the yard checking out the budding plants, and I spun as we walked! It was fabulous. They played and I spun. What a beautiful day. More fiber is in the mail to me now! I can't wait to share more spinning fun with you :)

By the way, Dawn has an Esty shop where you can buy her hand dyed Heinz 57 and some gorgeous handspun yarn: daybreakdyeworks.etsy.com

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