Monday, October 1, 2007

Many Projects in Progress

Just thought I would make a mental note about what I am attempting to complete in a timely manner (4-6 years would be nice)....

  • Knit Dishcloth assortment for Aunt Deb (completion deadline Dec '07)
  • Knit White Dishcloths for nice lady in Tyler (cd Oct 15 '07)
  • Knit Christmas Stocking, Green (cd Dec '07)
  • Crochet Baby Boy Suit (cd late Dec '07)
  • Sweater for my Sweetie, the one and only I will ever make (cd Feb '08)
  • Cross-Stitch Sampler, the kitchen wall needs it (cd the sooner the better)
  • Blue Knit Snuggly Blankie (cd whenever)

It is not so bad after all, granted, I did not list the many works in progress that at this time I have no desire to complete.... maybe someday I will be unable to afford new yarn and will resort to completing unwanted projects in an effort to keep busy.

Now back to those Dishcloths for Aunt Deb.... almost done....

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! A knitting blog! I'll have to check in here (even though I don't know a thing about knitting).


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