Friday, October 30, 2009

Four Days to a Cleaner House: Day One


Thursday Night - Tidy and Toss
Thursday's goal was to sort through all the mail that has been collecting on the counter tops, on the piano, on the coffee table, in my purse, and in various other locations. I mainly wanted to make as big an impact in as short a time as possible, so I walked around with a paper bag to toss the recycling in and another for shredding. It is amazing how quickly this stuff accumulates - especially when sweet baby's daycare sends home a sheet or two of "how was my day" on top of all the regular mail and paper we get constantly.

I really thought this would be a fairly quick and easy process until sweet baby herself wanted to eat and be talked to, so she ended up being carried from pile to pile with me.

Then, I discovered the best way ever to inspire yourself to vacuum the whole house... let a couple of muddy dogs inside without wiping their paws. Janeway and Dax barrelled into the house and did their normal "run around" to check everything out and left a trail of footprints through every room of the house. Oops. Luckily our vacuum is awesome so you can barely tell it even happened.

So, tidy and toss turned into tidy, feed, toss, talk, carry, and vacuum. All in all a good day one I think :)

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