Sunday, March 6, 2011

On My Needles: March

Get ready to be overwhelmed... I am.

2011 March 1

First, Off My Needles:
2011 March Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Socks to match baby's teal diaper wrap.
Made from the free pattern available on Spud Say's the Blog (a blog of Spud & Cloe Yarn).

On My Needles:

2011 March Baby Blanket
A baby blanket, in the round, Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket.

2011 March Helen's Blue Sweater
Helen's Blue Sweater, still a work in progress, but big enough to fit her next year.

2011 March Hat
A hat, for the high school student at work who plans to attend a school that loves purple.
The Brambles Beret from Knitty.

2011 March My Sweater
My Sweater, is that an inch or two of lacework??

2011 March Mom Shrug
Mom's Shrug, just hanging out.

2011 March Cowl
Group project cowl, almost done.

2011 March Crochet 3
And something crochet, in honor of Crochet Appreciation Month.

In the Works:

2011 March Bonnet
A bonnet for baby, made with yarn chosen by a friend.

2011 March 2
More diaper covers - longies & shorties too?

In My Dreams:

2011 March Dream 1

2011 March Dream 2

2011 March Dream 3


  1. I feel much better now--I have so many unfinished knitting and crochet projects, but still start new ones. I love the Jelly Bean Socks--beautiful color. I've been thinking of doing a cowl, but haven't found the right pattern yet. I really enjoy your blog, Stephanie.

    Becky Reed

  2. Becky, are you on Ravelry? There are hundreds of beautiful cowl patterns! If you join, friend me, lonestarknits is my rav name! Thank you for reading - and commenting!


  3. I love all the colors in the first photo. That bonnet pattern was what sold me on that knitting book...isn't it darling? And I LOVE that blue for the bonnet...your friend has good taste in colors.

  4. omg I love this topic! I'm feeling knit overwhelmed this month too! There is a list a dozen projects long for "Dream" knits ( I even bought the yarn. I just never get to it!) and 5 or 6 UFO's on needles. *sigh* I wish they sold pre-knit sleeves so I could work the bodies of sweaters (the fun decorative part) and then just attach the pre-knit sleeves! haha


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