Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Word about Knitting Bags and Supplies

2011 Aug Knitting Bag

Every knitter needs at least one good knitting bag.  In my case, I need many. I have bags for individual projects, bags for traveling, bags for everyday knitting, and bags within bags to help organize all that knitting.  Bags are important.

One thing I didn't have up until last week was a bag to keep all of my essential supplies.  After meeting several months with my newbie knitting friends, and they began collecting their own knitting bags, supplies, and paraphernalia I noticed something... They were much more organized than I was!  While I was digging around in the bottom of my knitting bag in search of a yarn needle they would just pull out their handy little knitting supply cases in seconds and produce one for me to borrow!

I decided this was a problem to be solved easily, and so it was! $1.99 bought me a cute little zippered pencil case that I brought home and after dumping the contents of various knitting bags was able to fill with all of my knitting necessities. It is amazing how much more productive you can be when what you need is easily found! I should have thought of this years ago!

2011 Aug Knitting Supplies

Here are my basic knitting supply essentials that I now always have ready:
  • Measuring tape
  • Small scissors
  • Yarn needles
  • US4 double pointed needles
  • G crochet hook
  • Various stitch holders
  • Various stitch markers
  • Gauge & needle measurer
  • Pen & notepad 
So, if you don't have your supplies organized run out to the store right now while school supplies are cheap and plentiful and get yourself a little knitting supply bag. You won't regret it!


  1. I understand the point of the needles for knitting, why the G crochet hook?

  2. Eleanor- crochet hooks are always helpful when you need to correct a dropped stitch!

  3. Love! I have a knit happy notions bag! and a red and blue hello kitty one for my main one. hahah. I think the group should do a thread on this....I'm inspired by your blog to start a new thread. :) So....still no baby?

  4. Cute little bag! I recognize those stitch markers! :0)-Stephanie

  5. You mean it's possible to become even more productive then you already were? Dang, I need to get me some zippy pouches muy pronto!


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