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About Cloth Diapers Size Small to Large

One of the biggest trends in cloth diapering right now is the move towards the One Size Diaper - the diaper that is supposed to fit your child from birth to potty training.  The idea is that you only have to purchase one set of diapers and then adjust the sizing with inserts and snaps to custom fit your child.

2011 Sept Cloth Diapers 1

There are two main issues with the One Size type of diaper:
  1. You use them for so long (birth to 2+ years) that they see a lot of wear and may need replacing for child #2.
  2. The custom sizing really isn't all that custom, and there will be times that they don't fit well (birth) or don't fit at all (2+ years). So you may end up buying three sets of diapers anyways.
This said, I do like many of the One Size diapers, and I am certainly not opposed to buying them (I have several).  I just want to make it clear to those building their own stashes that it is important to leave some wiggle room in your budget to purchase other sizes and types if necessary in order to make cloth diapering a successful endeavor.

My Cloth Diapering Plans for size small to large:

Currently, my little 5 week old is just now fitting into the smallest setting of the BumGenius One Size diapers. I have many of the older 3.0 version and a few of the newer 4.0's.  My 3.0 diapers were purchased used off of Craigslist, and I am currently in the process of replacing the Aplix with Snaps.  This is usually the first part of the diapers that needs replacing. They fit, but they do seem large still on such a little baby. My toddler also still fits into these diapers (on the largest setting) though, they really won't fit for much longer.  She is 2 years 3 months old and almost out of a size 3T! I can't believe I am buying 4T winter clothing for my 2 year old!

For baby Clare, I am mostly tri-folding her orange edge prefolds (because they are too small to snappi) in the XS Thirsties covers (which still fit great), and I am starting to use the Cottonbabies Infant size prefolds which still fit very nicely while snappied. I really don't recommend tri-folding as a main method of diapering unless you have a lot of covers. Tri-folded prefolds do not contain infant poo at all!

2011 Sept Cloth Diapers 2

Next, I plan to use my supply of Red Edge Medium prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers(GMD). They are listed on the site as fitting babies from 15lbs to 29lbs, and I have a variety of Thirsties Covers size small to large and Thirsties Duo Size 2 to use with them.  I will also be making use of the One Size BumGenius diapers as long as they hold up to a 3rd child using them! Most of the wear I see is the Aplix (which I am replacing) and the Elastic in the waist and legs (which I am going to just deal with because I don't want to go through the trouble of replacing elastic!).  I am also keeping an eye on the absorbency of the inserts and the waterproofness of the PUL. I am choosing to rely mostly on prefolds because they are less expensive and very easy to wash and care for.

How many Cloth Diapers in these sizes do you need?

This question is best answered by estimating how many diapers your child uses in one day and then deciding how often you want to do diaper laundry. I do not recommend waiting more than 4 or 5 days at the most in between loads, because those diapers start to stink! I have enough diapers for about 3-4 days, but I usually wash every two days because with two kids in diapers that is about when I have a full load, so I go ahead and wash them.

I have in my collection of size small to large diapers:

24 GMD Red Edge Prefolds
3 Thirsties Small Covers
3 Thirsties Duo Size 2 Covers
20 One Size Diapers (Roughly, and most of these are BumGenius)
6 Fuzzibuns Size Large
5 Thirsties Fitteds Size Large
6 GMD Brown Edge Prefolds
2 Thirsties Large Covers
        (This seems like a lot, but keep in mind the One Size Diapers are shared between two children)

What to do when the One Size no longer fits:

2011 Sept Cloth Diapers 3

The diapers that fit big sister Helen the best are the sized diapers.  Fuzzibunz size large, Thirsties Fitteds size large with large Thirsties covers, and GMD Brown Edge size large prefolds also with the Thirsties covers. I am hoping to potty train her before she outgrows these!

Next up in the Cloth Diapering Series, I will be sharing how I wash and care for my diapers, including tips on extending the life of your diapers! If you missed any of the previous posts, please check out The Family Room page.

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