Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toddler Play: Washing Dishes

2011.09 Washing Play Dishes 1

Tired Momma needed a "play alone" activity today.  However, letting the little one play in the sink is not an unsupervised "Momma needs a nap" activity. Helen just loves water play lately (and making a huge mess), so, we just put down some towels scooted her chair up to the sink and let her go for it.

For a solid twenty minutes, she practiced pouring water from one dish to another. I stood nearby folding up the diapers and redirecting the pouring in the direction of the sink. After a being played with, those dishes really need a good cleaning, so she was really doing me a favor!

I love her Green Toys Tea Set it is made in the USA out of recycled milk jugs, and is not too "girly". We also have the Cookware and Dining Set.


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  1. Might have been more fun if mud pies had been made before hand :-)


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