Monday, October 3, 2011

Knit: Bronwen's Baby Sweater

A new little baby will soon be born, and everyone knows that babies are born just so we can knit for them! The new mommy doesn't know I am making it, though now I guess the secret is out! I just had to share this fabulous sweater as soon as it was off my needles.

2011 Oct Bronwen 19

This is the "Sock" It to Me (For Girls) baby sweater from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. This pattern was excellent.

2011 Oct Bronwen 5

A combination of simplicity and a hint of detail made it a quick and fun project to make and a beautiful project to give.

2011 Oct Bronwen 4

I have once again made use of some of Aunt Tillie's buttons that perfectly compliment to strands of pink in this multi-yarn.

2011 Oct Bronwen 1

The Jawoll Cotton Aktion sock yarn was beautiful to work with. I love the neutral browns, tans, and greys mixed with light pink and blue.  I am sure it was not intended to be used for babies, but something about it really screams "modern baby" to me.

2011 Oct Bronwen 9

I will definitely be making another one of these - perhaps I will even have time to complete one for my own sweet model before it gets cold here in Texas. And Bronwen, I promise I will mail it quickly - I don't want to fall too much in love and keep it for myself :)

Bronwen Baby Sweater - Ravelry project page link.


  1. It looks beautiful, but then it might be the perfect little model! I can't wait to see pictures of Bronwen's little one in it :-)

  2. Gorgeous! And...the sweater is not bad either :)

  3. "Modern Baby" You've just coined a new term and a new style. This will be appearing in all upper-end stores. The word is out.

  4. Wow! That turned out so beautiful. Clare is a beauty in it.


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