Saturday, October 22, 2011

On My Needles: October 2011

It has been a while since I posted about my works in progress.  This month there is a lot going on project wise!

First, off my needles:

A fun fair-isle letter hat, a mix of patterns, made for the husband.

2011 Oct Needles 4

A few surprises... Christmas is coming!

2011 Oct Needles 3

On my needles:

A sweater for me, not the one I promised myself a year ago, but a much better one - especially since it is seamless! This sweater is scheduled to be complete in time to wear it on our trip to the great white north, otherwise known as the state of Iowa! Us Texas knitters have to schedule special excursions up north in order to see our knits in action against the elements! This is the Leaflet pattern from Knitty that I mentioned before and I am loving it!

2011 Oct Needles 2

Also in progress for the trip north are matching hats and mittens for the girls.  I am seriously in love with the Kimono colorway from Patons Classic Wool. Must buy more, you know, just in case they run out :) I am using the Back to Basics Hat pattern from Petite Purls.  The mittens are the Dorothy Mittens that I made Helen last winter.

2011 Oct Needles 1

And then there is this: a sweater vest for my dear hubby.  Hopefully it will be ready for Christmas morning! It is the Peter Easy vest, a free pattern from Berroco. This is not a surprise - otherwise it really would never get finished!

2011 Oct Needles 5

In the works:

Call me crazy, but I am super-excited to be making the little ladies matching Christmas dresses! I purchased the Principessa Dress Pattern from Alligator Knits.  The pattern is perfect! I love that it can be both long and short sleeves, can be reused as a tunic when the child is older, and most of all, I LOVE that it is knit SEAMLESS! I will be happily ripping out the sweater mentioned above (I couldn't work on it any longer knowing that when the knitting was complete there would be a lot of seaming to do!) and use the lovely green yarn for the dresses.

2011 Oct Needles 6


  1. Plus you did not mention someone sewing in seams on a precious little girls sweater :-)

  2. Do the words on David's hat spell out cartel? I LOVE the colors of the Christmas surprises and your sweater. How is it coming along?


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