Saturday, December 15, 2012

Knitting a Christmas Stocking and I Won!

I have been working on my first ever stranded colorwork Christmas stocking.
This one is for Clare.

Clare's Stocking 1.0

Two years ago I crocheted Helen's Christmas Stocking, but now that I am a little more talented in the knitting department it was time to knit one.

I am following the free / donation pattern Tis the Season Stocking by Kate Weston, but as usual I am adding my own spin to the design - mainly substituting my reindeer motif for the heart motif in the second chart of the pattern. The reindeer motif is from the free Knitty pattern Baby Norgi.

Knitting this stocking makes me crave more colorwork! I love it!

In other happy news, I won a prize from one of my favorite video podcasts - Knitting in Circles.

I won!

These are some really awesome stitch markers, such a cute little sock bag for them, and one of Aimee's Knitting in Circles buttons - which I am so excited to have! Thank you Aimee and Darren, I can't wait to use them when I finally knit a real pair of socks!


  1. Your stocking looks great! How many stranded things have you made before this?

  2. I believe this is my fourth, previously I knit a simple colorwork hat, pair of mittens - blomst pattern, and a Halloween monster :)

  3. Great job on the stranded knitting!


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