Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh the fickle knitter

Lorna's Laces Sportmate

Since Christmas, I have cast on three new projects (none yet complete), and I am about to unabashedly cast on a fourth.

WIPS (still in progress from last year):

Hiking Noro 1.0
A Hitchhiker Shawl, this one kept me good company during a post Christmas road trip to Houston. I am about a foot and a half into it now.

David's Traveling Socks 1.0
David's Time Traveler Socks, almost done with the first one now.

Clare's Stocking 1.0
Clare's Stocking, perhaps for next Christmas??

Newest Cast-On's:

Rocio 1.0My Copper Penny Rocio, only a few inches into this one.

Berroco Vintage Lilac
A Cascade Baby Sweater, for a little one due this spring, made out of leftovers from my girls's purple sweaters.

Berroco Vintage Sloe Berry
My Sister's Amused sweater in Berroco Vintage Sloe Berry.

And, with the yarn at the top of this post (and again below), my delicious Lorna's Laces Sportmate in the November '12 Rusty Bucket colorway (and the last skein of yarn purchased in 2012), I will be cast on a Mordor shawl... One shawl to rule them all ...

Oh, happy knitting.


  1. You weren't kidding, that's a lot of projects! I love the Mordor shawl. And the yarn you're using for the socks? I designed and knit a shawl with it, love it! I need to get started on the Christmas stockings, too ...

  2. Do you think your favorite color may be purple and not brown? I'm seeing lots of purple. ;-) And I'd be fickle too if I had a lot of intricate projects like the ones you're soon as I get frustrated I'd reach for another.


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