Sunday, June 9, 2013

One week, half a sweater.

I decided a week ago that I would try to do something crazy. I decided to knit a sweater - for myself - in one month or less. I have only ever completed one sweater for myself; though, I have knit a shocking twenty-five sweaters for other people (mostly babies!), and have purchased yarn for four sweaters for myself that have not yet been completed.

Gray Caramel 2.0

There are two Knit-A-Longs (KAL's) currently taking place for sweaters in the knitting podcast world: one with The Knit Girllls and one with the Must Stash Podcast. Both end July 1st. Time to knit people. I want to win prizes - and the bonus if I don't win? I will still have an awesome sweater.

Grey Caramel 2.2

So, now a week later I have half a sweater. Did I choose one of the sweaters I was already planning on making? Not really. I decided to use up some leftover yarn from other projects and knit a sweater that was comfortable and not overly mind-numbing. I wanted raglan. I wanted stockinette. I wanted easy.

I chose the Caramel Sweater by Isabell Kraemer. As my dear friend and fellow knitter Dawn pointed out - It is like a knitted hug. I am using Lion Brand Wool-ease in Oxford Gray and Violet on size 5 US needles. Wish me luck as I knit away!

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