Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spinning and Dreaming

Daybreak Dyeworks Eggplant on BFL

Spinning is a great time to just sit and dream. The other day I moved my wheel outdoors to watch the girls play and chase frogs. I can't believe we are having this cool weather in August... I just have to be outside!

The fiber above is Daybreak Dyeworks in Eggplant on BFL. It is a part of Dawn's Farmer's Market Series. Just lovely... a perfect dreaming fiber.

Daybreak Dyeworks Farmer's Market BFL

All this outside time must be going to my head because I am thinking about taking another crack at gardening (a hobby I love but feel I am not quite right for!). And, we are researching chickens! The girls are thrilled about all the visits to baby chicks and backyard chickens as we gather knowledge from our friends who already care for flocks of their own. Helen keeps telling me we need to hurry and build our chicken house, and she is right! Let's do this before we wimp out!


  1. Dawn makes SUCH pretty fiber! I say, get those chix so I can live vicariously through you! lol Your Blog posts are always so fun to read!

    1. She does! doesn't she! Now worries, these chicks are getting here sooner than you think ;)


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