Monday, August 26, 2013

Baking Day - Grainfree Style

Flourless Cheese Crackers

Grain-Free Cheese Crackers?? Yes, Please!

I began this morning seeing what everyone was up to on Facebook, and one of my friends had shared a link to a recipe for grain-free cheese cracker dough... It is a paid PDF recipe, but I had never seen anything like it, and I had to have it! I am on the look out for easy grain-free foods to send in my preschooler's lunchbox and this looked perfect, and after trying it out, I definitely recommend this Primal Dough Recipe.

New Kitchen Scale

I tested the recipe today - with my new food scale from Wal-Mart (yep. I shop there). It was less than $20.00 and suits my needs.

I followed the directions for the "Primal Cheese Dough" which does contain dairy products, along with tapioca flour, and root vegetables. There is also a "Paleo" version provided with dairy substitutes. I have avoided Tapioca flour in the past, but decided that as a once in a while treat for lunches, car trips, etc I'm ok with it as an ingredient - and you use quite a bit of it for this recipe.

Baking Day!

I rolled out and baked the crackers according to the instructions and they were moderately labor intensive, but not too difficult. It was fun to use my rolling pin again! (look - I baked a spaghetti squash too!) The baking takes longer than the recipe suggests as you have to break off the edge crackers and put the rest back in the oven repeatedly until they are all crisp. I found with my last batch that after I broke off the browned edge crackers, I turned off the oven and put the still slightly underdone center back in the warm oven to crisp up.

Flourless Cheese Crackers

These turned out really delicious. It is difficult not to pop them in your mouth as you break them apart. Then the real test... would the picky 4 year old eat them? I gave her a small bowl to try... asked her what she thought and she said, "they're..... yummy!"

win! It's worth the $3.95: Here's where you get the recipe. :)

Paleo Fudge

In other Paleo recipe testing, I made this Primal Fudge from Practical Paleo. I substituted peanut butter for the almond butter, and I swear... I just made a pile of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups!! They are SO GOOD.

Happy Baking!


  1. I've tried so hard to get into the grain-free/paleo thing, but it's HARD! :( The chocolates do have me inspired though (that and the fact that I paid $10 for that same book and haven't used one recipe yet!)

  2. Also, that scale will come in very handy when you start to weigh out fibre. I gave up keeping mine in the kitchen and it lives upstairs in my fibre cupboard now. ;)


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