Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Knit Socks

Today I am reminiscing about these little knit socks.

Helens rainbow socks

They are nothing special. Just basic kid socks. Just Patons Stretch Sock Yarn. Just stockinette.

Just wonderful, memory filled, smile inducing, little socks.

Why knit socks for kids? Won't they outgrow them, lose them, or worse ruin them? Yes. Maybe. One of these socks was lost, then it was found. They got dirty, and they were washed. They were outgrown (quickly), but passed on.

Helen loved them, but now so does Clare. Everytime she wears them she shows them off - these are the socks my mommy knit for me. I did. I knit them knowing that someday they would be for her... a second owner is still an owner.

Knit those kids socks. I know I will be knitting more.

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  1. I LOVE my socks knit by my special daughter <3


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