Thursday, October 9, 2014

Texas Fall and French Crochet

We are enjoying some occasional cooler weather here lately. I say occasional because one day (or three days - or more) it is 100F and then the next it is somewhere in the upper 80s with a breeze. Gotta love those breezes.

Is it really October? It doesn't feel like it. The baby is in size 6 months clothes (he is 2 months old), and all the 6 month stuff has long sleeves. Poor baby. He wishes it would cool down as much as I do, or that his Momma would run out and buy him some more appropriate clothing.

Bouquet baby blanket

I have been working on a custom baby blanket for a friend. I am calling it the "Bouquet Baby Blanket" because the pretty colors were inspired by this bouquet inspiration from The Knot.

Bouquet baby blanket

The pattern is a free pdf on Ravelry: Berce par les Vagues. It's a French crochet pattern, but there is a diagram of the stitch pattern and one of the other ravelers kindly put an English translation up in the comments section of her project page.

This has been a fun, quick project, but I am ready to get back to some regularly scheduled knitting.

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