Saturday, November 29, 2008

My 26th Birthday

Sweetie surprised me for my birthday with a visit from our favorite Mariachi.

We spent this thanksgiving at home, and I attempted to make the traditional feast. Two days and tons of leftovers later... we are still eating turkey :). The menu consisted of:
Brownsugar-Mustard glazed turkey, garlicky mashed potatoes, lemon green beans, cornbread stuffing, maple sweet potatoes, clover yeast rolls, bourbon gravy, and pear almond cream tart. Several of the recipes I got out of the Thanksgiving "Everyday Food" Magazine.

We took the puppies out for a Thanksgiving walk, and Sweetie took this very charming photo. Dax and Janeway are settling into life with us. And, they have enjoyed visits from several of our friends and their dogs. They are growing like crazy, and soon I think we will need to buy them bigger collars. Luckily, they are beginning to understand the concept of "taking a walk", though Janeway likes to try to walk herself by holding onto her leash with her mouth.

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  1. You need a blog update! I've figured out how to get notifications on Blogspot when people update blogs that I sign up to as "following".


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