Sunday, November 2, 2008

A New Bathroom and A Poor Financial Decision

With our bathroom remodel complete, we are definitly enjoying using it! The shower is awesome, and our custom sink cabinet (made by neighboor Henry) has the perfect drawer to stash all my stuff. We decided to prop our stain glass picture in the window instead of a curtain... it looks so pretty in the morning with the light shining through it.

The picture is one that I purchased in France as a souvenier in 2001. Finally it has a home that suits it perfectly. We opted for hooks instead of a towel bar, we can hang a lot more on it.

Janeway and Dax

Dax doesn't really know what to think of David.
So the story goes that we went to Wal-mart for peanut butter, and came home with two adorable puppies... it was probably the least responsible decision we have ever made, but they are just so sweet! Both girls, they are a mix of Lab (of course), Border Collie (notice the white chest), and Australian Shepherd (they have alot of brown mixed in with their black hair).
They are big Startrek fans, and like to chase David around the yard. The housetraining is going amazingly well. The only accidents that they have had have been in their crate on newspaper and they always potty when we take them outside.


  1. Awwwww. The dogs are so cute! So does this mean that you've told mom and dad?

  2. Your bathroom is lovely! I really like the stained glass picture in the window and the color on the walls. Oh, and you will never be sorry you didn't install a shower door. I can't wait to tear down the glass brick and door in our shower.

    Your dogs are precious! We learned after a year with Dixie that dogs do better in pairs. Dixie loves Milly and even though Milly is supposed to be an indoor dog, she'd rather be outside with Dixie. Congratulations on the bathroom and dogs, oh and for finally getting around to updating your blog! :-)


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