Friday, September 5, 2008

We did it!

Yay! We woke up this morning and followed out work out schedule as planned. Hurrah! It makes me so happy that we are pulling through.

I also made superior progress on my crochet project last night. It is very close to being complete! I think once this is finished I will need to really push myself to complete the next project on my list. Especially since I was so excited about this one. The real test will be completing a project that I have knowingly put off finishing.

In other news... I will restrain myself from beginning yet another project, but one on the new free patterns on the Lionbrand website is absolutly beautiful...
Crochet Magnolia Afghan

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  1. Hey, nice to see all the recent posts on your blog and seeing what you two are up to in the DFW area. I think it's great that you and your hubby get up together and do all those things. My sleep requirements are different from my hubby's. He has caffeine to see him through his day. I haven't had caffeine since I found out I pregnant with our daughter.


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