Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adventures in Butter Making: Part 1

Our dear old pear tree has happily supplied us with many many pears this year.  This is my first attempt to make use of them.  Everything is prepped and now cooking away for a double batch of Strawberry-Pear Butter.  I purchased cute little jelly jars and am hoping to fill at least 12 full of delicious butter to enjoy all winter long.

Now we wait.


  1. Nice, do we get one as a gift? Can't wait to try it.

  2. Was the wine in the pictures for the recipe or for the cook?;) The pictures you took for this post are really good. I'm trying to get better about framing our shots. Let me know how the pear butter turns out. It sounds yummy! Also, I've been meaning to ask you for your recipe for the marsala porkchops.

  3. Haha mom, of course you will get one.... but only one, the rest are for me :)

    Elizabeth, the wine is for a dinner party we are hosting, however David pointed out that both labels suggest they have a hint of pear... so of course I had to include them in one of the photos!


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