Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for a Versatile Home

I admit that I am not good at "before" pictures... I always forget to take them until we already have the "after" ready to go.  My sweet husband has had the week off for Thanksgiving and took it upon himself to rearrange a little nook in our kitchen.  Very recently this nook was home to our "office" which now resides in our master bedroom... away from little hands that want to press buttons.  And now this space is our official play area - it unofficially was before... just the little one played with things that we didn't want her to touch!

After seeing what a nice little area this makes for our daughter, I am pleased to say we live in a very versatile home.  Over the four years we have made our home here, this nook has been a breakfast area, a computer room, a sitting area, and now a play area.  How nice it is to be able to transform your home to suit your needs with very little time or money.

I hope someday soon to set up Helen's play kitchen in this nook (it is on order with woodworker grandpa). I know that over the next few years this nook will serve us well, giving the little one a place near mommy to play.


  1. Looks very nice, Stephanie. I love the rug. Where did you find that? Good work, David!

  2. We found the rug at Tuesday Morning! We love it too, and this morning when Helen woke up she ran into the kitchen and lay down to "hug" it... I think she likes it :)


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