Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is a Sweet Yeast Bread?

Photographer: Maggie Smith

There appear to be many styles Sweet Yeast Breads.  The cinnamon roll is indeed one of my sweet husband's favorites.  The question that I have always struggled with is: why make them yourself?  Every grocery store has a whole slew of miscellaneous baked goods to indulge in (or try to avoid).  But there is just something special - dare I say sweet - about the giving and receiving of home baked treats around the holidays.  As I am one to try to avoid the "mystery ingredient" baked goods at the store, I am happy to have the opportunity to learn more about these luscious dessert breads at a free demo offered by King Arthur Flour.  The traveling demos are currently in Washington D.C. but will soon be making an appearance in the Lonestar State.  If you live near Tyler, Grapevine, Fort Worth, or Rockwall you should check them out!  I will be attending - and taking notes!

For more details on dates, times, and locations:
King Arthur Flour Traveling Baking Demos

Yes, I am plugging these events, but as they are free to all and I am not being paid (just a lowly blogger here) I figure it is ok.

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