Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How I Make Yogurt

I have made yogurt before, but this time I took photos through the process. The main instructions I follow can be found at Small Notebook.

1. I gather my supplies: milk, and individual sized plain yogurt with active cultures, mason jars, my large stainless steel rimmed bowl, a large pot (you could use a double boiler), stainless steel spoon, and liquid thermometer (borrowed from hubbies coffee supplies). Make sure everything is good and clean.

2. I fill the large pot with as much water as I can and still have the bowl sit comfortably on top.  Place this on the stove over high heat.

Did I mention that I got this milk for $2.99! I love the manager special!! 
It is perfect for yogurt making!

3. Pour a half gallon (2 quarts) of milk into the bowl and occasionally (about every 3-5 minutes) stir and check the temperature.

4. Split the individual yogurt between the mason jars (I am using two large jars).  Set aside.

5. Let the milk reach 180F and then take it off to cool.  You can use an ice bath to help it cool faster, however I never seem to have ice in the house.

6. Once it cools to 110F, put a small amount in each jar with the yogurt and stir (this tempers the yogurt).  Then fill the jars and cover.

8. Put the jars somewhere that they can stay pretty warm for about 7 to 9 hours.  Some people use a cooler, yogurt maker, crock pot, etc.  I am not sure how these methods work though I have links to some of them on my "In the Kitchen" page if you are interested.  I use the good old fashioned "stick them in the oven with the oven light on" method. It works just fine for me.

Please ignore the very dirty oven.

9. After approximately 7 - 9 hours, remove the yogurt from the warm place, stir, and put in the back of the fridge to cool.  The longer you let your yogurt sit the more sour the taste of the finished product.  I like mine to sit between 7 to 8 hours.  Don't be alarmed if you see tiny green "lights"or "sparkles" in yogurt when you stir... those are just your little friends and they will go to sleep when cooled.

10. After completely cooled, enjoy! Mix in your favorite combo of sweeteners and fruit or use for smoothies.  It is also good as a sour cream substitute and babies love it!

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  1. So I have to know... where do you find the time??


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