Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Research: Cloth Diapers

Sunny Diapers

Is there anything more tedious than cloth diapers??  Many people would put up a good argument against that!  I have been in the thick of research lately about using cloth mainly for economic reasons - it really is just plain cheaper (depending on how you do it anyways!).  We now have built up enough of a size large stash to start diapering our 18 month old on the weekends and I am really excited to give it a try.

I wanted to share some of my research and resources with you (though, please take into consideration that we have not used cloth yet - except for that one night after bath time when we decided to stick baby in a cloth diaper to just "see what happens" and of course, 5 minutes later we had a present waiting for us!)

Great websites and articles with information about using cloth diapers:

Green Mountain Diapers
Ravelry Cloth Diaper Group
SimpleMom.net: 4 Cloth Diapering Choices Defined
SimpleMom.net: The 411 behind Cloth Diapering 101
SewMamaSew: Diaper Sewing 101
KeeperoftheHome: Healing Rashes While Cloth Diapering

Great websites for purchasing cloth diapers:

Craigslist - This is the place to go to look for an awesome deal, many people purchase a size small stash of diapers then when they are ready to buy a larger size sell them to fund the next purchase.  This is an especially good place to look for newborn diapers since there is usually a lot of them to be had and many cloth diapering moms also breastfeed which means no stains on used diapers!

Green Mountain Diapers - This site is home to the web's most loved prefold diapers.  They have a great philosophy and a wide variety of diapers - all cotton - which the site owner says is really the best material for diapers.

Ebay - For similar reasons as Craigslist, however you will meet more "business" sellers.

Kelly's Closet - I have used this site twice and both times left with a free diaper!  They regularly have promotions where if you purchase a certain dollar amount's worth you get a free one-size diaper.

"Special Buy" Sites - This is sites like Ecobabybuys, Greenbabybargains, and Babyhalfoff.  If you keep checking back each day you are sure to find an occasional great deal on cloth diapers.  I recently purchased a 6 pack of Large All-In-One Fuzzibuns for about $60!

More Cloth Diapers to Come!
- Our Cloth Diaper Plan and the Cost Analysis
- The "For-Real" Test Run: The Cloth Diaper Experiment
- Wool Diaper Covers: Research Post
- More Diapering Links in the Family Room

Do you have any great Cloth Diaper Resources? Please share!


  1. hey! I just wanted to say, I was in the same boat wondering about cloth diapers, and i decided to go for it with Bella... 6 months old then, and starting solids.

    we've had great success and it's been an easy transition, though we still use disposable overnight. I got my prefolds and covers on Amazon.

    one thing I haven't seen and would like to is the cloth diaper solution to training pants...

  2. Thank you for your comment - I have seen that several of the cloth diaper companies also make training pants. Bummis Cloth Training Pants seem to have pretty good reviews on amazon. There are also a lot of great cloth diapers specifically made for nighttime such as DryBees Night Times. Though, we use our BumGenius 4.0 with both the large and small inserts and they seem to do well - no leaks yet :)


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