Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knit for Helen: A Giant Sweater

I have many new knitting projects on my docket.  Too many really - but it is no fun to have too few!  After working up Helen's Stocking, I had a lot of the blue yarn leftover that I used for the centers of the snowflakes and it was starting to get pretty cold here in Texas. 

I like to stock up on seasonal clothes in early Fall and Spring at the Just Between Friends consignment sales.  A friend and I always go to the last day "half-off" sale and get a great deal on everything!  This Fall I made a point to buying tons of long-sleeved t-shirts for Helen.  It really doesn't get too cold here, so I thought the two or three sweaters we had were enough.

We keep our house pretty cool, and I noticed that I was always bundled up in a sweater - so obviously baby needs sweaters too - and two or three really doesn't cut it for someone who thinks it is fun to wear her food! So, I decided to knit her a sweater out of my leftover yarn and not being one for checking gauge - it is huge! It will probably fit her next winter too, so that is not a bad thing.

The pattern I am following is the Fair Isle Top (Ravelry Link) from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits: 22 Gorgeous Handknits for Babies and Toddlers. I am too chicken to attempt the Fair Isle in the pattern, so I have substituted a simple stripe pattern - but it looks nice, and I love the picot edging - so sweet!

The back is complete, the front partially done, and I am hoping to finish it all up before Christmas.  It will make a nice little homemade gift for my little one.

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