Thursday, November 10, 2011

Increasing Family Connection with One Simple Rule

Breakfast Table

All Eating and Drinking Happens at the Kitchen Table. No Exceptions.

A rule that was born out of the honest frustration of dealing with a toddler running rampant with a sippy cup, has become a habit that is bringing us together as a family.  Don't get me wrong, we have always eaten and enjoyed our meals at the table.  Even before we had children, David and I ate the majority of our meals together at the table.

But now it is different.  Last night after cleaning up dinner, we found ourselves sipping coffee and enjoying dessert around the table.  Helen was sitting with us and long after dessert was finished we were all still there. We were talking; Helen was quietly putting together one of her favorite puzzles and making "hats" for us out of her toy farm fencing. Clare was bouncing on knees, and we were just together. It was nice.

I thought it would be a struggle for me to follow the new family rule - to not carry my own glass of water around the house with me, but honestly it has been nice.  If I want a drink I just get it in the kitchen, have a seat, and usually... someone ends up sitting there with me.


  1. Your kitchen table looks so nice and sunny ... a very welcome spot to sit and be with family :-)

  2. We could definitely afford to make that a family rule as I just found a shoe full if grapes!

  3. Sounds like a great rule that would bring a family closer together and not breed creepy crawlies. We're doing that with food here in our new rental home but...I can't sleep unless I know I have a glass of water next to me. :-)


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