Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knitting a Vest for David... Finally.

David's vest is complete! It has been one of those projects that never ends and gets reinvented twenty times over! I purchased the yarn for this project back in 2006, started a sweater pattern, hated it, ripped it out, started another, decided it was too small, ripped it out. I used some of the yarn here and there for other small projects, and then when getting back to making something for my dear, patient husband... decided on a vest.

An easy vest.


The Peter Easy from Berroco to be exact.

I made a few minor modifications to make it even easier. I cast on the front and back together to knit in the round so that I wouldn't have huge seams to sew up in the end.

When I reached the arm shaping, I switched to working on the front and back separately. The decreases around the arms and necks I used were "k1 ssk" for left sides and "k2tog k1" for right sides. This leaves a really nice clean looking edge to pick up stitches for the arm and neck ribbing.


Around the neck, I followed the patterns instructions exactly, but around the arms I only picked up 112 stitches (fewer then recommended). This just seemed the natural number to pick up, and made for nice smooth arm ribbing.


I am very happy with how this turned out (and David is too!) though now I just need to convince him to model it for a photo!!!


  1. Nice looking vest! Come on David, try it on! It looks great!

  2. It looks amazing, even close-up. Job well done! Poor Dan can only dream of something that nice made by me. You just can't get the same effect in crochet.

  3. That looks fantastic! I'm starting this soon for my bff's birthday - I may just do this in the round too! :D


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