Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Restyling a Flower Girl Dress

Yesterday, I turned the flower girl dress used in my wedding into a new flower girl dress for my sister's wedding! It was fun! Though, I learned a few things in the process I would like to share:

1. If you are working with tulle you need lots of patience and LOTS of safety pins. It is also good to not work with tulle in the presence of two year olds.
2. If you are adding a waistband to a dress, pin it on before you sew it (and mark where the two  ends should meet in the back. Otherwise, when you zip the dress back up one side may be a full inch lower than the other - and that looks funny.

The dress before (lovely for my Christmas wedding, but wrong for my sister's summer wedding):
Flower Girl Dress Before

The dress after (tulle!):
Flower Girl Dress After

The happy model wearing her "White Princess Dress":
Flower Girl Restyle 1

A motion shot:
Flower Girl Restyle 4

A happy flower girl!:
Flower Girl Restyle 3

I think she likes it :)
Flower Girl Restyle 2


  1. Gram and I think you did a beautiful job! Love the hair style too ;-) We will have a happy, twirling, flower girl procession ...

  2. Wow! I am constantly amazed by your creativity and talent!

  3. Wow! That's an amazing transformation! Helen is going to look beautiful walking down the aisle.


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