Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flower Girls and Birthday Cakes

The end of June was busy, busy, busy. Helen's birthday followed by my younger sister's wedding all in one week. There was a lot of car-knitting as we drove around Texas for all the festivities, but at home I was busy with celebrating and crafting.

For Helen, she requested a "Magical Pony" Birthday Cake and I tried my best.  I am not a fancy cake decorator, but it is fun to try! I looked up "My Little Pony" cakes online then, after being overwhelmed by the awesomeness made by other people, decided to simplify with a sheet cake and colored icing. I printed this my little pony picture and drew it onto the white iced cake with purple and pink icing in Ziploc baggies that had a bottom tip snipped off.

Homemade My Little Pony Birthday Cake 1

We also bought clearance birthday hats as Helen is obsessed with "party hats". I wasn't too happy with the design, so I did some more printing, a little coloring and cutting, and tada - customized magic pony hats!

My Little Pony Birthday Hats 5

My Little Pony Birthday Hats 1
My beautiful birthday girl!

For the wedding, I needed to finish the restyled flower girl dress with a few ribbon roses. I looked up a few tutorials online, but they all seemed overly complicated and not what I was looking for. So, I just took needle and thread (and lots of fray-check) and winged it... I think they turned out pretty nice:

Restyled Flower Girl Final Dress 4

Restyled Flower Girl Final Dress 1
My beautiful flower girls waiting for the wedding to begin. 

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