Monday, July 30, 2012

Sew a Project Bag out of a Man's Shirt!

Shirt Bag 7
Last week I made this great project bag out of one of David's old shirts! Shirting fabric is perfect for project bags... it is strong and smooth so it is gentle on your yarn.

Shirt Bag 1
1. Pick out your shirt! I like the rusty colors in this one, and the plaid is very nice for helping cut and sew straight lines.

Shirt Bag 2
2. Decide how long/tall you want your bag.  Keep in mind that you will be folding over the top edge for the drawstring, and you will need some space for seaming at the bottom. I cut mine about 18 inches long, next time I will make it 16 or 17.

Shirt Bag 4
3. I just used the width from the button band to the edge (less cutting and finishing!). This shirt has the little split at the bottom edge (see the fold?). I just use that for the drawstring casing!

Shirt Bag 8

Shirt Bag 5
4. Remove the buttons, with the right sides facing, sew the side and bottom seams (seam allowance doesn't really matter). Then fold over the top (what was the bottom edge of the shirt) and sew it down to make the drawstring casing. I made my drawstring out of a crocheted chain of dishcloth cotton. I also zigzagged any raw edges inside the bag.

Shirt Bag 6
Yay! It's not very fancy, but it works - and I'm going to make more!

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  1. Plus it will wash up so easily! Great Idea !!


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