Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cardigans for My Girls

The sleeves of my Tuckernuck cardigan are finally complete! (And sewn in too, but I don't have a photo of that yet...) This sweater is a real beauty. Size 5, in Berroco Vintage Lilacs, less than 3 skeins. I just need to knit the collar and button band and this is done!

Tuckernuck 3.1

After sewing the sleeves on I had Helen try it on and, gulp, it is super-snug. OH NO! All that work. Ok, breathe. Luckily Berroco Vintage has a high wool content (did I tell you that I love this yarn - it is SO reasonably priced, washable, and has A HIGH WOOL content!). So, I am going to block this baby out as much as possible. The style is a vintage "snug" fit. So it is ok it stays close fitting, I just want it to fit all winter.

Then I started Clare's sweater. It was going to be another Tuckernuck, but I really can't do all those cables again... even in a smaller size, ugh. So, I am seriously modifying the pattern.

Clare's Classy Cables 1.1

I cast on a basic raglan cardigan and am knitting the Tuckernuck cables down the front panels only... everything else is plain stockinette and I like it that way, especially now that it is starting to get chilly and I want these done!

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  1. After sewing my dishrag I can seriously appreciate ALL THE WORK that went into those cables. It's beautiful unfinished. Great job! And I don't blame you one bit for making the second one more simple.


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