Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Can Spin! (a little bit)

I fell into the Knit Picks trap.  I needed to buy one thing. One little ball of yarn, but shipping doubled the cost of my purchase... and Knit Picks offers free shipping with a $50 purchase, so... I loaded up my cart. And, I got spinning stuff - yay!

I never thought I would want to learn to spin, mainly because I was such a SLOW knitter that I though spinning would just slow that process down even more. However, now... I think I am a pretty fast knitter... and the idea of making my own yarn is fun. The process itself is what I am interested in right now, and that is a good thing because this is slow going.

This is my Knit Picks Turkish drop spindle, I am using it as a low whirl, and the fiber is Wool of the Andes in  "Salsa Heather". I can't really review them for quality as I have never spun any fiber or used any other spindle, but they seem to work pretty good for my beginner purposes. I found the Knit Picks spinning videos on You Tube very helpful.

Are you a spinner? Any tips?

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  1. You're doing great! Be wary of the spinner's trap, collecting spindles is a dangerous (but fun!) spiral into debt haha. But seriously, that's some pretty good first handspun.


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