Saturday, May 30, 2009

Craft Happenings

Cleaning out my craft room to make space for Helen's nursery was definitely an undertaking. Luckily sweetie is now letting me share his cello practice space, and I have begun organizing all of my wares to be both efficient and accessible.

The biggest challenge has been trying to go from a huge space with lots of storage to very limited space and nonexistent storage. I set up this shelf today which will soon have a small sewing table in front of it. On it I am trying to organize my most basic tools that I access regularly.

I have labeled the bins with the following categories:
  • Needles and Hooks
  • Threads and Floss
  • Quilting and Embroidery
  • Buttons (small jar on first shelf)
My current works in process are stashed in the rust basket, and other miscellaneous supplies (chalk, scissors, pins, etc) are in the floral sewing box on top. I still amazingly have one empty bin which will be designated at a later date.

What has happened to my huge yarn and fabric collection? It is now living under the bed in our master bedroom in large under-bed boxes. So far, so good.

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  1. We recently added more shelves to our learning room which is going to store craft supplies. The challenge for us is having form alongside the function because the shelves can be seen from the livingroom. That's something I'll be tackling this summer. Anymore projects in progress before Helen arrives?


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