Monday, May 4, 2009

Helen's Nursery: Beginnings

Our plans for Helen's nursery have evolved several times over the past few months. We started out with plans for frogs, then gardens, then birds... now it is a garden/bird theme... though any little creatures are welcome.I have cut out the pattern for a little stuffed rabbit and a turtle to go in Helen's room. And, sweetie and I have been looking at all the garden art in the stores for ideas and things we think would look nice decorating her room. We also have big plans to recover the old yellow rocker with fabric that is a bit less goldenrod.

I have really enjoyed pulling out all of my favorite books, and thinking about when I will be reading them to little Helen.
Sweetie helped me hang the curtains, and pick a spot for the vanity that we hope will serve as our changing table. Now we just need to purchase a crib and dresser, then finish hanging the pictures. I am happy with how cozy and cheerful it is starting to be.


  1. I love what you've done so far in Helen's room. I've got plans to incorporate a birding/nature theme in Fulton's room. I was inspired by our nature walks at the birding centers.

  2. Are you going to put up a picture of the quilt and monkey?


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