Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Little Bit of Sewing: Toy Bag

A nice thing about Sundays is that while sweetie watches his football, I like to drop the baby off nearby for him to keep an eye on, and I sneak off to my little sewing corner to whip something up. This the second time this fall I have had the chance and the desire so here is the product of the afternoon:

This little toy bag was intended to be much larger, though I am not very good yet at visualizing dimensions when it comes to sewing so it turned out much smaller than I thought it would. It is based on the tutorial here. I hoped to make a nice soft basket to toss Helen's toys into in our living room and actually, I think the small size works well considering that most of her toys right now are small themselves. I think I will attempt a larger and sturdier version for her bedroom... and if they continue to whip up so quickly... who knows! every toy may end up in its own little bag!!

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