Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Year

It seems only natural to sit back today to reflect on this year of my life... today is my birthday, and boy has it been one amazing year!

First - having my daughter, learning to nurse and care for an infant, has been life-changing (I guess everyone was right :) I think the whole experience has made me a bit softer, a bit calmer, and a bit more ready to love in general.

Second - continuing my education, going back to college to learn something new, has given me great respect for people who are constantly trying to better themselves, trying something new, or willing to accept change in their lives.

Third (or maybe First) - recognizing (again and again) what a wonderful husband I have... one who is ever-ready to try to make my life easier and more pleasant... always ready to help... always ready to work harder for our family... always ready to give of himself...

This new year I want to:

Make more of the time I have in my pursuits and my career - remembering why I pursue what I do.

Make more of the time I have to myself - doing things I love - crafting, cooking....

Make more of the time I have with my family - showing them love.... just having fun with my dear sweetie and darling daughter.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Today I was wishing really hard that we lived close. I really would have loved to go out to birthday lunch AND dinner with you today. LOVE YOU!


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