Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Typical Day

For those interested, here is my typical day:

4:30 am – Sweet Babe wake up call, nurse, and return to dreamland
5:30 am – Alarm
6:00 am – Roll out of bed and prepare for the day
6:30 am – Breakfast with Sweetie
6:45 am – Prayers with Sweetie
7:00 am – Nurse Sweet Babe and prepare her for the day
7:45 am – Leave for work
8:30 am – Arrive at Sweet Babe’s daycare kiss her a lot and update her teacher
8:45 am – Arrive at work, do work stuff
1:00 pm – Visit Sweet Babe to nurse and play
2:00 pm – Back at work
5:30 pm – Pick up Sweet Babe and head home, phone calls to Sweetie and Dear Sister
6:10 pm – Arrive home, Nurse Sweet Babe
6:30 pm – Work on Supper
7:00 pm – Eat with Sweetie
7:30 pm – Prayers with Sweetie
7:45 pm – Watch a Netflix, work on projects, play with Sweet Babe, etc.
9:00 pm – Nurse Sweet Babe and put her to bed
9:30 pm - Clean and prepare bottles for the next day, continue evening activities, prepare for bed… start over again….


  1. At 5:30pm you left off - calling your Sweet Mama - :P

  2. I do not envy your schedule... you have to wake up way to early! I like that I only have to get up that early (or earlier) two days a week!


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